When aiming to improve employee management in your organization, it is hard to ignore assets like time attendance machines. Technology has made it easier for you to keep your employees on proper time management hence improving your accountability to stakeholders while improving the quality of output for your organization. Before you choose the biometric time attendance for your business, these are the few factors that you must keep in mind while at it.

Identification time needed

How long do you need to wait before you are verified by the scanner? Basically, what matters is getting a system that is time efficient and will not have your employees queuing at the door for long, waiting to sign in at work. A system that can give you verification in milliseconds can be the ideal option to use if you are driven by the need for efficiency.


You should pursue quality biometric time machine which could serve the purpose they were meant to without breaking down. This will depend on the quality of material used to make it as you do not want the sensor developing scratches on it just because numerous hands are scanned there. Among the features to check for here include the water resistant, scratch proof and also dust proof features.