You, like many other small company holders, are proud of seeing it progress gradually. You are now at the stage where you employ 30 people and you are about to move into a new factory.

You are in the printing game, with your clients reliant upon you to produce and deliver on time so that they can make their deadlines. You remember some of the disasters a previous rival company got into by failing to dispatch as promised. That is exactly why you can think of 6 great reasons to install VTScada at your new premises.

  1. You value your employees and their safety while at work, so by installing software that has won awards and is proclaimed by a multitude of worldwide businesses, you know you are playing your part. The system offers warnings, often in advance, of any issues that are arising.
  2. Your works deal with fast running machines that can generate heat, so safety is a key element around the factory. Being able to monitor the machinery and equipment through mobile connectivity ensures that whoever is in charge at the time will be alerted, wherever their location.
  3. You are moving quite a bit of machinery from your previous premises and some it is beginning to show its age. The VTScada system will alert you if it is close to breaking down, ideal for your pair of engineers who have the opportunity to correct things before they get out of hand.
  4. Production need not stop while repairs are carried out where your system pinpoints that it is safe to do so. That means happy customers and a happy balance sheet as costly repairs or complete replacements are avoided.
  5. Because your production runs to a tight schedule, especially when last minute emergency jobs land, you need to be guaranteed power at all times. Programming VTScada to allow your emergency generator to take over during a power failure is the perfect solution.
  6. The reports that the system delivers are invaluable in running a cost effective company as strategies can be formulated from the data to the best business practices. The installation can also be customised to suit your own needs.

VTScada will save your company money and guarantee that it can deliver orders on time to your clients. Future planning will be aided and equipment can be kept in good condition. That is a set of headlines to invest in.