With nearly 45 years of experience in the industry, Adhesives Technology Corporation is now one of the finest adhesive manufacturers and suppliers in the country. As the leading manufacturers in the resin epoxy adhesive industry, they’ve refined the adhesive solution to accommodate its customers. In order to refine the job or a plan to the finest of the abilities, their safety interests adhere to the customer’s specifications and needed applications for the projects.

  • Urethanes
  • Epoxies
  • Polyureas
  • Polyethers
  • Ester Blends
  • Acrylics

The leading manufacturing adhesive industry, ATC is deemed as one of the best firms to manufacturer adhesives like epoxies, acrylics, urethanes, polyureas, & ester blends.

They specialize in labeling, turnkey, training, research & development, quality control, packaging, marketing, and ofc’ customer service.

Proven Experience Is All That Matters

Around 4 decades as the industrial adhesive manufacturer, they have proven experience & quality assured to offer firms with the finest, safest items they have to provide; brands such as MiracleBond, Ultrabond, CrackBond, Hard-Rok, & The Cracker.

Besides bonding, anchoring, concrete repair, joint filling & doweling, they have the restoration and maintenance clientele around numerous industries including, however, not limited to heavy-duty industrial projects & construction.

They perfected the formula as the epoxy resin adhesive manufacturers to help firms make fast repairs for the variety of deals they can have in industrial construction.

Epoxy Resin Manufacturer

Its particular directory exclusively for the construction and industrial field is Alibaba. As per the global trade automated directory, searching for the epoxy resin adhesive business not tough to discover, when China went on to lead with 8169+ suppliers, accompanied by the United States which has almost 84. HK has four adhesive producers and Taiwan has just one; this goes on to say a lot for the local building industry.

Assist the local firms such as Adhesives Technology Corporation, which’s one of a leader in the industrial stocks of epoxy resin production, a significant share of the building, constructing, or repairing a few of the nation’s bridges, buildings, also supporting the railroad, mining industry, roofing industries, retail, & airport industries and the earthquake recovery and relief.

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