First Over All Shock Technology, also known as F-O-A. This was founded in the year 2006. The main goal is to offer high-performance off-road shocks at a very affordable price. All shocks are being built to order with the custom valving as well as the choice of hardware, reservoir, and springs. Some of the important features to know about the first over all off-road shock technology have been discussed in this article.

Different options being offered at F-O-A

The majority of the off-road shock options, which are mainly available at First overall shock technology branches mainly offer the monotube design, with the nitrogen gas charge between 150-300 psi. These shocks mainly offer better heat dissolution, larger oil volume. Below are some of the distinct products of the F-O-A.

  1. The nitrogen gas is mainly meant for keeping consistent pressure on the shock oil. This helps in preventing cavitation as well as aeration which can take place when shock oil boils at a low-pressure area of the piston at the time of compression as well as rebound.
  2. Most of the aftermarket dampers mainly use either regressive or linear rate pistons. The most common type of piston mainly offers the linear rate. The linear rate shock mainly shows the rate of damper response, which is directly relative to the force being applied.
  3. Bleed holes are the small holes on the piston, which are not covered by any valves. F-O-A mainly has designed these holes. These are mainly meant to control the chatter in some of the off-road shocks at the time of moving the piston through the fluid.
  4. The valve washer stack mainly serves as the check valve. This mainly controls the high-pressure which mainly gets to the low-pressure side.

Top reviews to know about F-O-A

  1. The customer service provided at the F-O-A is being very helpful. FOA mainly offers custom valving with no amount of additional charge. The replacement parts can be readily available and they also do offer a rebuild and revalve service for a reasonable fee.
  2. They provide the shipping as well as delivery services at very reasonable prices. They provide enough packaging material for the safe delivery of the products. This does provide fast shipping.
  3. They do provide excellent sales and tech support
  4. They are super easy for opening and service
  5. All of the components are black anodized