Fraud SDK deals with the various trends in the financial institutions. These financial institutions are mainly working in Indonesia. Indonesia is popularly known for providing in-store financing system and a great customer care service for the people enrolling in their company.

There are more than 3 million customers of the Indonesian in-store services and consists of 17000 retail outlets and inlets. The company is trying their best to reduce the number of the fraudulent customers by detecting the amount of money in advance.

 Challenges of the fraud SDK

  • The journey of customers is affected using the detection of the fraud.
  • There is a decrease in percentage and number of borrowers who have missed their first round of payment in 30 days.

Solutions of the fraud SDK

The work of credit SDK is integrated through the various mobile apps of the client. The device of the metadata is analysed using the reviews and consent of the customers. In the company, various fraud stores are generated for the integration process within seconds so that it indicates good applicants from all the bad applicants. These applicants are further useful in the financial criteria of working.