Businesses must invest in IoT devices, and it is a must to offer gadgets that take productivity to the next level. Procurement, deployment, configuration, & security are some of the common concerns related to mobiles and IoT devices, and more businesses are willing to outsource the gigantic task. That’s exactly where device deployment & protection services come in the picture. From configuring devices to meet work and security needs, to mobile device protection, these companies do it all, so that clients can be assured of their investments and how employees are using these devices.

The process of device deployment

Devices, mobiles must be configured, so that only apps and programs that employees and workers need are included. It must be done in a way that security is ensured, and the various policies and compliance aspects are adhered to. Companies that deal in device deployment work with clients to make the process as smooth as possible. It all starts with procurement, followed by imaging for Client IT department’s preconfigured system, configuring software, and for select devices, if the client has a management console, the device will be enrolled in that. If a device is stolen or lost, de-provisioning is done to prevent unauthorized access.

Assistance for damage protection

Companies that deal in deployment may also offer extended services for damage protection, for as long as four years. Screens, case, buttons, cameras, keyboards can be covered under such plans, for a yearly contract. During the program term, and as per relevant terms & conditions, servicing and repairs of devices can be offered, and also, many companies can take care of replacements, if a device not serviceable anymore.

Should your company outsource device deployment & protection?

For large organizations, device deployment & protection is a major task, and it is not always easy to get devices at the same level, to get work done. The purpose of hiring third-party services is to outsource the very need for procuring, configuring and protecting devices. Businesses are finding these services reliable, because they get the kind of assistance they need, and the pricing is usually flexible. Check what your company needs, the range of IoT devices that might be required in the next couple of years, and if your team is experienced to handle a large order for quick deployment.

It’s still wise to select a service that creates a roadmap and completes both device deployment & protection within a short time.